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This example shows how a LINGO model can be embedded into a web application using its REST API. The model solves the traveling salesman problem with the Dantizg-Fulkerson-Johnson formulation. Great circle distances are used to compute distances between markers on the map.

To add a location to the model, double click the map at the desired location. A marker will appear, along with a new row on the left side table. To edit the name of a location, click on the name cell and enter the new name. Clicking on a marker will display the locations name. Input at most 13 locations. Double clicking a marker will remove it from the map, and the model. Instead of manually adding map markers, a csv file with three columns: name, latitude, and longitude can be uploaded. To do so click the button: Choose File and select a csv file to upload. Then click on the button: Upload, to add the data to the map and model. When the data are ready, click Solve! to find the optimal tour through each location.

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